Call Acceptance Sounder

Call Acceptance Sounder

The AQ creates two short beeps once a pushbutton is pushed and this action is acknowledged by the controller.

If an already acknowledged pushbutton is pushed again, the AQ will also sound again. (See EN81-70 Regulations.)

The volume is adjustable via a potentiometer.

Available for both 3 wire and 4 wire technology.

On a 4 wire system a ‘Decouple PCB’ is used in conjunction with the AQ for uncoupling buttons that have a diode. This Decouple PCB serves for up to 6 signals including Door Open, Door Close and Alarm pushbuttons.

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Call Acceptance Sounder


Welding Studs

Power Supply
12-30 v

2600 Hs

Sound Pressure
typ. 90 dB